Interview with Ariane Bilheran

In its last newsletter,Neosanté shares an essential interview with Ariane Bilheran, doctor in psychopathology. For her, we are not in a dictatorship, but in a totalitarian period that marks a  » « political paradigm shift », unexpected by the majority of the population. This change is just as violent as it was carefully and cynically prepared by a small and unscrupulous global plutocracy « . It’s time to act, fast.


 » One may wonder if this « war » against the virus, announced by President Macron, has not become, through the collapse of the virus, a psychological war against the people. Marion Bonny, a former military doctor trained in infectious diseases and in dealing with health disasters, has even filed a complaint with the International Criminal Court for economic, social and cultural genocide[i]… You have a specialization in the analysis of the art of manipulation and the pathologies of power. Can you tell us about your background and how your studies allow you to decipher this news?  »

Ariane Bilheran : I have always been immersed in environments of abuse of power, which led me from adolescence to think about the abuses of power (…)

Read the rest of the article here: https: //–2/

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