Improvisation, insecurity, uncertainty and creativity

Since March 2020, the usual activities outside of my classes at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels have practically disappeared, confinement forced. The positive side of this situation is the return of a daily practice of the piano and this for my greatest pleasure. I hadn’t invested so much time behind the keyboard in years, improvisation and composition being at the heart of my practice. Since I started playing music, I have always loved to improvise, to be on the lookout for new territories and new sensations, to immerse myself in a creative process in which the astonishment, the unheard of, the unheard of are at the rendezvous. Improvise comes from the Italian improvisare, which is not planned but « Improvisation is not improvised! Nice formula from Bernard Lubat(1). Indeed, to improvise, you have to know your subject, you have to work on your « scales » and the more you are at ease with the musical material, the more you can free yourself from your reflexes, from your clichés, …
Notes et références
  1. Multi-instrumentiste français, créateur du Festival d’Uzeste, imaginé comme un espace de réflexion avec un fort ancrage anticapitaliste.
  2. Depuis janvier 2021, il y a eu environ 1.200 évènements culturels en Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles sous l’impulsion de Still Standing for culture.

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