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Press conference on March 19, 2021

600 days since the press conference of April 15, 2020, where we introduced in the room  » a politically biased question « , which  » is not the habit of journalists « , says Sophie Wilmès. The habit of journalists is to ask the questions that politicians expect and to comment on their decisions, rather than to seek the truth. The mass media do not play the role of a fourth estate, but rather manufacture consent. Not being adept at such collusion, the political power will close the doors of press conferences for more than eight months. We were not counting on our determination…

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Kairos will publish the 17 press conferences we attended. More than 20 unanswered questions. In front of them, no doubts, no questioning, no desire to understand, but a fixed, rigid end that justifies all their means. 

Imagine for a moment if all these issues had been debated democratically. Do you think we would be there today?

-Alexandre Penasse: Who do you represent, Mr. De Croo?

-Alexander De Croo: The federal government and the governments that were part of the consultation committee.

-AP: […] who represent the Belgian people. My question is: if you are the minister of all Belgians, why don’t you listen to those who think differently than you, why do you base your decisions on a handful of scientists when I have already pointed out to you the error raised by many scientists and doctors that I meet as a journalist, to base the counting on PCR tests whose amplification cycles are much too long. I don’t understand why any dissenting voice is censored, and I respect and understand your position, but normally in a democracy there should be room for debate and all different positions should be heard. My question is, for Mr. Vandenbroucke as well, why is any dissenting voice censored?

-ADC: Sir, I understand your question. It’s quite serious what you say: Where is the censorship? Where do you see censorship? Is there a voice somewhere that I would have censored? We live in a free country where people can express themselves, can ask questions. I try to be as open as possible to dialogue and I don’t really see where you are talking about censorship.

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