From an alarming pandemic to a reasonable one

We reproduce with the kind permission of the author, Michel Rosenzweig, philosopher, psychoanalyst, an article he published in December on France Soir. The reflection remains, after one month, striking, while the authorities tighten the state of health emergency, evoke the third wave and direct our lives as never before. 

Pr Perronne dismissed as head of department at the AP-HP in Garches, Pr Fourtillan imprisoned in a psychiatric asylum in Uzès, Pr Raoult threatened with death and attacked in court by his peers, disqualified, discredited and called a charlatan, Pr.Toubiana suffering the same fate, Dr Pascal Sacré summoned to the sanitary commandant of the Belgian covidian state occupied by a clique of dishonest and mentally damaged scientists, policemen transformed into auxiliary sanitary police, a tyrannical techno-sanitary regime reigning by fear, repression and even by a certain form of hygienist terror, an unhealthy and suffocating climate reigns at the end of this year in France as well as in Belgium, without anyone being able to see the end of the tunnel.

Informers and watchdogs at every corner to remind you of the sanitary order, even in the most remote corners, dissuasive fines with astronomical amounts that fall like ancient plagues on the offenders, individual liberties reduced to « essential » biological functions by public authorities who have tipped over into a totalitarian thought, because the situation is serious, they repeat, justifying the deployment of more and more restrictive and coercive measures in the name of our health and therefore in the name of our good.

And this collective hysteria about vaccines is now added to the acute thanatophobic delusions and the collective virophobic psychosis. A real millefeuille which one does not see why it would stop swelling.

After months of work and a few dozen texts, some of which have been published in courageous media, I have to admit that the die is cast and nothing is going to happen, we will not get out of this dystopia which has definitively upset the social and political norms of our lives, as I announced a few months ago, true to the reputation of Cassandra that some people like to give me, although my predictions have unfortunately proved to be correct

I will therefore not repeat myself on the main subjects I have tried to deal with here on several occasions, because it is in fact an infinite and repetitive declension of the same theme, the Covid, and which finally loops around in a selfishness without any effect on the unbearable reality that a very small minority of people perceive but that an immense majority approves, wallowing in a voluntary servitude to their masters without asking themselves too many questions that are probably very disturbing, all of them still being convinced of the goodness and necessity of this regime that they are convinced is only transitory, some of them even asking for an additional ladle.

Errare humanum est, perseverare diabolicum

The virocratic-hygienist covidia, this abject, obscene, iniquitous and, in my opinion, totally unjustified sanitary regime, which is much more damaging than the virus itself, has taken over the whole of Europe without any opposition and with the complicity of all: political, academic, university, administrative, civil society, associations, institutions, unions, etc. .…

All are active or passive accomplices in a generalized silence, except for a few dissident voices that the authorities try to silence when they speak a little too loudly.

The virus has won

Not because it would kill en masse, not at all, it is moreover very little efficient in terms of WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction), it has won because forces that I would qualify as obscure have seized this strand of RNA to achieve very clearly and publicly stated objectives: the tipping of this planet into a new era which will see the generalization of what is called digital identity and its corollaries, a new economy assisted by robots and computers and which will no longer be embarrassed by a workforce that has become cumbersome, and therefore useless, as well as the conditioning of your lives to the possession of a green covid passport accompanied by a vaccination certificate whose wearing on or inside the body will allow us access to services, to travel, to work, to health care, to leisure, etc…

You really have to be deaf and blind not to be aware of this irreversible and ineluctable anthropological, technical and ontological mutation that is taking place before our eyes day after day.

However, there is a proven link, recognized and claimed by its authors, between the great digital, techno-scientific economic reset (Great Reset of the WEF and its mentor Klaus Schwab) and the coronavirus syndemic, a more appropriate term recognized by the Lancet on October 17(1) to describe « the » Covid-19, a syndromic condition being the aggregation of two or more diseases or health problems in a population for which there is some level of deleterious biological or behavioral interface that exacerbates the negative effects of each of the diseases involved.(2)

Is it still allowed to ask the question without risking being burned at the media and digital stake?

Yes, there has never been a « pandemic » in the sense that epidemiological science understands it, but rather a syndemic, a meeting of several factors that aggravate the effects of a virus that is basically no more dangerous than any other influenza-like respiratory virus, but that functions as a gas pedal, a catalyst of toxic effects in certain categories of people at risk for multifactorial reasons which should be seriously studied instead of believing in the univocity of the vaccine solution and in the supposed virtues of repeated confinement.

After the lies and fabrications of the Lancet gate, the prestigious British journal is finally getting back to its basics. The link between the vast program of the Great Reset and the « p(l)andemia » that has become « syndemia » thus exists, only the nature of this link remains questionable.

Is it opportunistic or structural? Is the virus a natural and casual operator or was it designed in a sick brain to implement the great reset? Is it still allowed to ask the question without risking being burned at the media and digital stake?

The question will remain unanswered for a very long time and probably forever. But it deserves to be rationally and reasonably asked in the light of this socio-political upheaval, the consequences of which are not yet known.

Notes et références
  2. Singer M, Bulled N, Ostrach B, Mendenhall E. Syndemics and the biosocial conception of Heath. The Lancet. 2017 ;389:941–50.

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