Difficult and dangerous to be a whistleblower in the flat country

On January 12, 15 agents arrived at the home of Nicolas Ullens, a former State Security agent, and searched his home, taking away computers, hard drives and smartphones. Mr. Ullens’ fault? To have denounced the fraud, embezzlement of public money, influence peddling involving Didier Reynders and his faithful sidekick Jean-Claude Fontinoy. To date, the two accomplices have never been subjected to any judicial measures of this type. 

We interviewed Nicolas Ullens at length at the time*, and we meet him again today to talk about this search and to review the main cases in which Didier Reynders is involved. If the latter is well protected, in particular by his position as European Commissioner, his immunity is not set in stone and it could well be that the man falls one day. And with him a whole corrupt system… 

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