"The history of any society up to the present day is the history of class struggle. Marx & Engels, Manifest der Kommunistischen Partei
I am going to deliberately and joyfully nail the beak to all this jumble of degôches, progressives and frileux well-thinkers who spread anathemas and
The psychoanalyst and philosopher Cornelius Castoriadis distinguished during his lifetime between two ancestral projects at stake in humanity: the process of autonomy and that
It's been more than a year since the socio-political crisis covid-19 fell on us. I do not use the term health crisis because its
This small world is constantly changing and shading, like a kaleidoscope. It is like a music which caracoles with its refrains and improvisations. But
By the way, are we really still in this world? Haven't our rulers forced us, endlessly, since the spring of 2020, to extract
I write to my contemporaries about a world that is not yet contemporary to us. I act in my daily life regarding a world
Tiny dust in the universe, this planet is home to millions of species, some of which are still unknown to us. Among them, we
What kind of world do we live in? In a world in crisis, certainly. Sixth extinction, climate change, unprecedented land use change, disruption of
I will return, once again, to the old Heraclitus who, as you know, indicated part of the philosophical path by telling us that nothing
Whatever the more or less learned name given to it, every society has its ideological-religious system. Starting with those who live in the pretence
Arianna Simoncini The murder of Samuel Paty by a young radicalized Chechen refugee has reopened the French debate on secularism. This history teacher was killed
We live in a world where, in order to fight global warming, we are quietly considering sending sulfur nanoparticles into the atmosphere to reflect
"The world is crazy, the world is beautiful!" said the popular singer Julio Iglesias, forty years ago. Whereas almost invariably, at the beginning of
A friend writes to us: " Faced with the current disasters, you mention at the end of your Manifesto the chimpanzees of the future[note],

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