"...the state of the planet is a problem and it is everyone's problem.We have all contributed to it in different ways and it is
"It is pitiful to hear the political and ethical authorities appeal to the responsibility of citizens after having inoculated them for years with an
It's hard to speak only French when you enter the world of video games. We will adapt and translate for you. You may think that
Dany-Robert Dufour, French philosopher, is the author of numerous books. In Baise ton prochain (Actes sud, 2019), he reveals an underground history of capitalism,
"Sooner or later, Technology will claim to form collaborators who are devoted body and soul to its Principle, that is to say, who will
In recent years, digital criticism has emerged as a major issue of popular concern. The planetary domination of GAFAM, the increasingly disturbing transhumanist delusions,
It was with great difficulty that I managed to suppress a broad smile and even a violent fit of laughter, as I read, minute
Novlangue, thought police, absolute transparency, thought crime, rewriting the past, generalized surveillance (or " tracing "), "citizen" denunciations: so many terms borrowed from the
" There Is No Alternative ". A shocking formula, the motherhood of which is attributed to Margaret Thatcher. A maxim that he used in
The guardians of the media orthodoxy, who have largely participated in raising the collective anxiety about the epidemic due to the coronavirus, are well

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