Vous les avez certainement vues et revues, elles s’étalaient sur tous les supports publicitaires imaginables : Black Friday par ici, Black Friday par là.
Sarah Dubernet is a nurse by training. During a Master's degree in environmental health, she began investigations around the word "nanotechnologies" that lasted
(continued from theeditorial of Kairos 46) While we legitimize a power in permanent war which hides the structural inequality of our societies, caricatured in a
Popularized by Philippe Bihouix in his best-seller L'âge des low-techThe idea progresses, losing in the process its political dimension and its subversive content. From
As we know, the founding work of modern advertising is Propaganda, written by Freud's nephew, Edward Bernays, who used the discoveries of the psychology
It is impossible to know, at the time of writing this column, if the general confinement will have been lifted, if the ugly virus
"...in the contemporary family in industrialized countries, the skills, not only of the father but of both parents, become obsolete during their lifetime, making
Dear readers, I am writing this text on a Sunday, March 29. A little more than 10 days after the beginning of this period of
He wrote, in his essays, "Who would teach men to die would teach them to live". This seems to be a problem today. This

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