How to say the unspeakable, how to tell this suffering... Today, this February 12, 2022, already a month that your heart, this heart so loving,
AFTERTHOUGHTS EVENT 23.01.2022 During the morning news this Sunday 23.01.2022, the radios announced that 100.000 people were expected for a protest march against the measures
In our previous articles, we have observed that censorship is increasing in social media, such as Facebook or YouTube, which systematically punish points of
The declaration Ministers, members of scientific councils, minister-presidents and other "decision-makers", we hereby inform you that we have disobeyed, we are disobeying and we will
Deportees reading an inscription in Gothic letters where the observance of the virtues of the perfect deportee is presented as "the path to freedom".
According to Hannah Arendt (1906-1975), political scientist, philosopher and journalist, totalitarian regimes take control of the population by drowning them in a sea of
Behind the media smokescreen, there is the reality of what people experience: contradictory results, pressures, threats, inconsistencies. Many testimonies have been received, including the

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