Call for citizen resistance against the Covidic tyranny!

More and more collectives are being formed in the face of the liberticidal measures, the political aberrations, the ongoing carnage. Among them, the Carnival of Smiles, which wants to fight against the health dictatorship. Touched in France by what Kairos and its editor did in a press conference, they contacted us. The collective wants to see the smiles again, too long hidden under the muzzles that are masks.

How was your collective born?

We are a small collective composed mainly of three citizens from very different backgrounds, beliefs, opinions, origins and training (Manon, Faustina and Khaled), but united for the same cause: the fight against this health dictatorship raging in France, Belgium, and the world, visually embodied in the mandatory wearing of the mask.

Why did you decide to lead this fight?

For a year now, this coronavirus has been ruling our lives, destroying our freedoms, our social ties, our physical and mental health and our economy. It is a policy of terror that is being implemented in our democracies, fueled by repressive measures and political-media propaganda.

Different economic sectors are collapsing, bringing with them culture, accommodation, catering, tourism, social services, with the result that unemployment, poverty, moral and physical distress, suicide… Citizens are fired if they dare to speak out or express an opinion, a question. Our families, our friends suffer, not knowing how to behave in society, with each other. A climate of mistrust and fear is inexorably building up. Conflicts break out within our own families, leading to verbal and physical violence. The danger is growing!

The elderly are imprisoned and no longer see anyone, no longer have the right to feel human warmth, which is so vital to keep them alive. The excellent documentary by Mr Eric Gueret, « Vieillir enfermés », broadcast on ARTE one month ago, illustrates this very well.

Children are separated from their peers. They no longer have access to sports, recreation and other extracurricular activities. They can no longer enjoy the smiles and multiple facial expressions of their teachers, so essential to their motor and mental growth. Psychologists and speech therapists are sounding the alarm!

Masks and Covid, how do you see it?

The coronavirus has, for majority, effects of flu syndrome, with consequences in general benign on the almost totality of the people. Indeed, the figures speak for themselves: 0,023% of deaths recognized Covid 19 on the number of people in contact with this virus in the world! (source: At the beginning of the crisis, we put on the mask because there was the Covid 19. Now, on the other hand, there is the « Covid 19 » because we put on the mask. This is the most visible sign of the fight against SARS Cov 2. It is the symbol, the spearhead and the justification of almost all the oppressive measures of our governments: we wear the mask because the virus is « dangerous », but conversely the virus is dangerous because we wear the mask.

What’s behind the Covid?

This virus is the visual representation that the world is sick! Is the end of the rule of law and health tyranny scientifically and legally justified? Until the advent of Covid, « sanitary masks » were used only in a sanitized ward and for one purpose: to limit the spread of bacteria, which are larger than viruses. Surgical masks have never been used to counter viruses in the medical environment! It is written even on their packaging boxes that these masks do not protect against viruses in any way!

What is your objective? How do you plan to take action?

We want to bring down the masks as collectively as possible.  » Thile there will be the mask, there will be the covid 19! « . We conceptualized the idea of a « Carnival of Smiles ». This goes against the principle of these parties generally disguised and masked. The D‑day would be determined together, collectively. The more people who want to answer this call, the stronger, more beautiful and noble the action will be!

A small message to encourage the greatest the desire to follow you?

No tyranny of the past had yet dared to touch the very breathing principle of its people and make them pay the price of oxygen with fines and prison.

If the mask falls off, the whole manipulation of our governments falls with them.

Citizens, Internet users, alarmists, wake up! Let’s join forces and choose together this D‑day of the general unmasking of the population, starting from the symbolic opening of our carnival of smiles.

Faustina, Khaled, and Manon, for « The Carnival of Smiles

More info here:

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