Assange: deprived of freedom for telling the truth

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October 27 and 28, 2021 continuation, but not end, of « The Julian Assange Affair », 12thseason, episode XXX. Because yes, it’s been twelve years that this public enemy number 1 has been resisting the deprivation of his freedom, including 84 months of confinement in the Ecuadorian Embassy and 30 months in prison in conditions that amount to torture according to Nils Metzer, UN special rapporteur on torture. What he did to be treated as the greatest of criminals, Kairos readers know well(1)He did what any journalist worthy of the name should do: seek and tell the truth. With Wikileaks, which he founded in 2006, he informed the whole world about the lies, war crimes and criminal actions of the American leaders and their CIA in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, wherever « American democracy and Western values » should be brought for the benefit of these populations. These documents revealed, among other things, the murder of two Reuters journalists and other innocent civilians in Baghdad, …
Notes et références
  1. Pour ceux qui désirent se remémorer toutes les péripéties de la saga, voir le site « Comité Free Assange Belgium » : des-audiences-en-appel/
  2. Nina Cross : Le rôle de la BBC dans la persécution de Julian Assange
  4. Hum, un journaliste qui a des convictions, très mauvais cela de nos jours… cela n’a pas été toujours le cas, songeons à Jules Vallès, Paul Nizan, John Reed, Armand Gatti.

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