In the bookTous cobayes! Gilles-Eric Séralini presents in detail his famous experiment on GMOs and Round Up that rats ingested in varying doses. The result is very worrying and raises serious questions about public health, but also about the health assessment systems in place. The publication of this study had triggered a hurricane of criticism, sometimes in pure bad faith, sometimes more scientifically substantiated. While all of them are deflating, while the study has been confirmed by the prestigious scientific journal that published it, while Professor Séralini is suing for defamation those who made unfounded statements, Tous co- bayes! is published in paperback by Flammarion. This new edition is preceded by the author’s right of reply to all these criticisms, which the reader will be able to discover in a limpid and condensed form. 

All guinea pigs! GMOs, pesticides, chemicalsGilles-Eric Séralini, Flammarion, 2013 

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