Open letter to Minister Fremault, from whom we obviously expect nothing, instrument at the service of multinationals that she is. But this « nothing » is important, because it underlines the supreme disinterest of those who are supposed to represent us (1); it must therefore be highlighted. We follow the « procedure » of requesting an interview. The first letter was sent on October 26 without any response; we are sending a second one today. If no answer: a new one will be sent in a week, then every two days, finally after 8 days, every day. Since we certainly don’t get any appointments for an interview, we will try other things.


As an independent newspaper that has been publishing for more than 6 years in Belgium analyses and studies of general interest, we would like to meet Minister Fremault around the issue of 5G technology and her willingness to deploy it in the city of Brussels. 

Having dealt with the subject of electromagnetic waves and communication technologies for years, and having questioned many experts on the subject, we have some questions that seem essential to ask him. We think people need to know where the Minister stands on the dangers of this technology that we have highlighted and the answers she has to offer. 

We are confident that you will consider our request and are willing to meet with the Minister as soon as possible. 

Sincerely, Alexandre Penasse
Editor-in-Chief of KAIROS

Notes et références
  1. Voir « 2 sur 80!« http://www.kairospresse.be/article/2‑sur-80

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